OnSong is an application that allows you to replace paper-based chord, lyric, and sheet music charts with an interactive digital database. OnSong cleans up the messiness that papers and binders cause and instead provides a way to neatly store, edit, and organize all of your music charts from the convenience of your own Apple iPad, iPhone, or iPod.

OnSong was launched one week after the first iPad shipped in May 2010. Since then, the OnSong team has diligently worked with its users through consistently releasing updates, add-ons, and creative features and functions in order to find ways to meet the needs of each and every musician.

OnSong provides its users with a large number of essential, practical, and useful features. For creating song files, OnSong is compatible with SongSelect, most Internet websites, and cloud storage units such as Dropbox and Google Drive for the importing and storing of songs. OnSong allows for the editing of these songs’ text and chords through its built-in text editor tool, and this tool doubles as a way for OnSong users to write and create their very own song from within the app.

Digital sticky notes aid OnSong users by opening the door for further customization and reminders on individual songs. When it comes to performance, OnSong provides its users with the capabilities to create separate song sets, to order and reorder these song sets, and to even change the keys of any of these songs in an instant with a single tap. OnSong is also compatible with a number of Bluetooth foot pedals, allowing users to scroll through either an individual song or through multiple songs completely hands-free. Additionally, OnSong also features power transposition features, backing and click tracks, MIDI integration, and lyrics projection.

These aforementioned features are just scratching the surface of all of OnSong’s possibilities. The OnSong team would love to answer any other questions you may have regarding OnSong and its features!

You can either visit our website, onsongapp.com, or contact us at press@onsongapp.com.