As church keyboard players we always looking for the best Keyboard to play during a worship service. We know that a good keyboard like the Nord can fetch around R40k+ but with all the technology that’s out there. You can also accomplish a great keyboard & synth sound on stage that will be close to these high prices keyboards.

As the sound of popular praise and worship music has shifted to a more synth driven genre, Software synths like MainStage is becoming a big part of church platforms all around the world, replacing the need for churches to spend on expensive and quickly out-dating keyboards

What You Would Need:

  1. Mac Book pro, Mac mini or iMac (recommended minimum: Processor i7)
  2. Mainstage software (from app store)
  3. USB Midi controller (Keyboard, sustain pedal & usb cables)
  4. USB Audio interface (sound card)

You can now turn your Mac into a live rig. Transform your keyboard performance with an enormous collection of plug-ins and sounds and give your church a worship experience they’ll never forget.

With MainStage, setting up your church stage rig is actually very fast. You basically start by choosing from a full range of performance templates, many of them preloaded with great-sounding Patches or you can create you own and save them as presets.

If you are you are already using Mainstage. Let us know so we can start releasing patches for you to use in your Sunday services.

All this information can be overwhelming but when learning and implementing Mainstage you have to understand that it’s a journey you will embark on. It won’t happen overnight but as you grow your understanding of Mainstage will exspand. Let us know if this was helpful to those wanting to make the switch from hardware to software virtual instruments. We would also like to help you get your rig setup so let us know if you want help with that.