We all know that saying… This year is going to be better than last year, but in reality it can be very difficult if we are not motivated to be better or we don’t find incredible ways to motivate and inspire our volunteer teams.

So we heading into January and its planning time and wanted to share a few thoughts on how I feel we can keep our worship team volunteers motivated to start the year strong and possibly finish strong. Here are my thoughts. Let us know in the comments section what you think?

Set clear expectations up front.

To avoid confusion and frustration I always like to set clear expectations. Sometimes is not the deep philosophical things but the most simple things like: arrival times, sound check times, commitment to the roster, culture in the team, the importance of preparation and the list goes on… I find that when you set those clear expectations, boundaries and parameters the team knows what is expected and that sets them up to serve well. That in my books is a win! This also helps the volunteer understand what that they stepping into something meaningful and they being respected in the process.

Value your volunteers.

You can never say thank enough! Your volunteers should be the first focus and not so much of building the best awesome sounding worship team band in the world. Or focused on only making sure that the we have the best crafted worship experience. If that’s your focus as a leader or if thats the focus of the team then your worship will ultimately be shallow and it will not have an impact.

In valuing your team. Your first focus needs to always be the health of your team members. You can to constantly demonstrate your interest in them and not just their gift.¬†(Look they would not of made the team if they did not have some form of gifting in the first place). You need to consistently demonstrate how much you appreciate “them”, how much you value “them” This approach will inevitably cause your team to grow stronger, healthier and more unified.

Team on worship.

One of the major responsibilities as leaders is to make disciples (in the worship team). It is great that we can teach and assist our team to become better musicians but what good are the musicians and singers if they not worshipers?

motivated volunteer teams

We have to teach our worship team about worship and the importance of it. Its a life long call that we never completely figure out but strive to get better and closer to God through our worship towards Him. So equip your team with great material about worship, point them to scripture that talks about worship (There are so many scriptures about worship and how worship was breakthrough for many events in the bible). Send them to conferences and worship workshops that have great inspiring worship services and worship leaders. Expose them to some great worship music that’s life giving.

So in conclusion. Inspire your team to constantly fall in love with Jesus over and over again and this will help their worship and prayer life grow stronger and bolder.

Author – Marlon Van Wyhe