We get a fair number of questions about how to properly put in your Alclair custom in-ear monitors. It can be a trick at first, but with a little practice, you will be popping those IEMs in and out with ease. But please, for the sake of your hearing, don’t pop one out and leave the other in! Both in, or both out.

To help you get started, we put together a little video that will walk you through the steps of getting your in ear monitors inserted and seated properly. Below are some things you can expect as far as fit goes.

  • Your monitors should sit relatively flush in your ears. They may stick out a little bit depending on the size of your ear and the number and size of drivers in the model you selected.
  • You might experience minor discomfort for the first few days of use while your ears get accustomed to having something in them.
  • The seal will reduce outside noise and both sides should have the same amount of reduction when you snap your fingers near them. You may need to press on the face of your in ear monitors to finalize the seal.
  • Your in ear monitors should remain sealed in the position you will use them most. The seal often can be broken when you try to break them. Yes, when you twist your head 90º, look up to the sky and do jumping jacks, the seal might break. But unless that is how you will be using them 90% of the time, it is expected.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at juan@inharmonyproductions.com we want to help you get the best fit possible!