I love watching live performances or even YouTube videos of street performers. Have you ever notice that they are never short of any musicians. Then you get those that are one-man bands that sometimes sound even better than a full band.

I don’t think any worship leader wants to lead a service without musicians but I have seen many churches that struggle with not having musicians, even when a call is made no one seems to want to volunteer. If this is your church or you are a new church plant starting out and you don’t have a band just as yet. If you are one of those churches this might help you in a big way. Thankfully, there are other options. Plenty of them, in fact. Listed below are several different options and resources for helping your church lead worship this Sunday without any live musical assistance. Some of these options will require an initial investment, but its worth it in the long run. We would love to know what options you went with. If you can comment below, it will help us serve you better!

  1. Multitracks.com – (I personally prefer Multitracks.com) – churches of any size can use MultiTracks to achieve that full-polished sound that you hear on most recordings and live performances. They offer a host of training solutions which will help you get up and running with using music software and running tracks with the right gear. You have flexibility to go to different parts of the song whenever you want. If you’ve got a band but you don’t have every musician you need there every Sunday, just layer in the parts you need and you’re ready to go. https://www.multitracks.com/
  2. iSingFlexible backing tracks with lyric projection, perfect for all communal worship. High quality, affordable music and lyric videos in congregation friendly keys. http://www.isingworship.org/
  3. LoopCommunity – Community Tracks are loops and multitracks created by our team of high-quality music creators. Download the individual instruments as high quality WAV files that you can use in your favorite music software such as Ableton Live, MainStage, Logic or ProTools. Access all of your Community Tracks in our free playback app, PRIME. Make money by creating your own tracks and selling them on Loop Community! http://loopcommunity.com/
  4. Worship Backing Band – The easiest to use MultiTrack player for churches with missing musicians. Whether you have no instruments or no singers or at least no volunteers, Worship Backing DVD are a simple and inexpensive way to provide worship for your church. https://www.worshipbackingband.com/uk/
  5. Worship DownloadsNo Musicians? No Problem! We have added lyrics to our mp3’s and now provide mp4 video files. They look great and are easy to use. No additional expensive or complicated projection software is needed! Download the songs to your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android etc and playback to your TV or projector with a single click! http://www.worship-downloads.com/