Whenever we introduce a new song to the church, you can always tell in the first chorus if they like it or not. We just introduced the song “Let There Be Light” by Hillsong about a few months ago and its been a song that’s just taken off like crazy.  Every time we hit the first chorus, the whole church erupts. I can hear them through my in ear monitors. Its just incredible. I always enjoy hearing what are the songs that capture the churches heart. This is always a great indicator to see if we can use some of your song ideas that are working.

So, What is your churches favorite song to sing? Shear some of your experiences.

    • @Angelo Vaaltyne, We sang this song a week ago. We also do the Phill Wickham version and man did the anointing fall. Some songs just have that power…This is amazing grace…this is unfailing love. Incredible lyrics as well. You can hear that the song was birth from the heart understanding the God’s grace and love for us.

  1. Dieketseng Dieke Bolofo says:

    Great post Marlon. Thank you for sharing & so true! Always great hearing the congregation sing and pour out their love & Praise to God. Our Church loves to sing, ‘I Can’t Believe’ – Elevation Worship / ‘What A Beautiful Name’ by Hillsong.

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