Dear Vocalists,

We wanted to put together a few video’s to encourage you on vocal health.

This past weekend was one of those weekends where we used our voices more than every other week and I am sure you could all feel how tired your voices were after Sunday Night?

We are bound to have a few of those throughout the year like conferences, live recordings and praise nights so that will be a good to put this into practice.

Take a look at these two video’s on how to look after your voice when you haven’t been well and how to help it recover quicker. We have also added on 5 really good vocal warmups that you can go through every day. Each Voice is used here and these scales in these exercises will also extend your range. These videos are not owned by us. For more information about the video author & to purchase their full video packages for your team click here —>







    1. 5 VOCAL WARM-UPS:


Let us know your thoughts and how these video’s have helped you recover or extend your range.

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