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Tells Us What Your Sunday Setup Consist Of?

Some of the most commonly used setups for a Sunday morning service would consist of:

  • Abelton live – this will be used to run and trigger the looptracks, clicks and cues
  • Macbook pro to run the above
  • Soundcard, preferable a 8 channel output card

Tell us what you setup looks like and why it works WELL for you?


    1. Hi Adrian

      I like your setup, what do you prefer Logic for live clicks and loops? Logic is a great program but i think for a Sunday setup you will have more flexibility with Abelton when triggering your loops. You can trigger via a midi pedal as well as assigning stop, start, back forward and even repeat choruses and bridges.

      Look this is a more in depth conversation but you get the idea that you will have more flexibility using Abelton.

      let me know your thoughts

  1. We are currently using Ableton on a Standard Laptop and a Presonus audio interface. It works well for us now as we are a small band.
    I am looking at using Playback of my iPhone or ipad. The other piece of software that I am looking at is Bitwig 2.

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