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Rhema South Worship – Music Review

Rhema South Worship is the worship band of Rhema South Family Church in the South of Johannesburg, South Africa.  Their desire is to see every person encounter the presence of God in their worship and honour of Him.  The team began to write songs together after attending a Staff Retreat in 2015 and their vision is that their music would reach past their own church and extend itself in evangelism to those in their community and beyond.

has a dynamic sound a wide range of styles from the upbeat dance vibe of the album’s title track,”Closer” which recognizes the hope we have in Jesus and declares our devotion for Him to the tender worship ballad, “Glorious Love” which marvels at God’s amazing love and worships Him with great adoration.  “Imagine” is a powerful anthem that exalts our risen King with great passion.  With great intensity and a strong beat, it gives Him all the glory and declares His awesome power and majesty, worshiping, “You are sovereign God, mighty King.  All creation falls down at Your feet.  And through the cross, I can stand.  I will lift my hands, raise my voice.”

Closer is now available on iTunes!  We encourage you to check out this great new EP and add these songs to your setlist.

To download their Songbook & Multitracks click HERE


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