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Creating an Atmosphere for Worship That Attracts God

For a few weeks now I have felt the Holy Spirit challenge me. In a few areas but particularly in “creating an atmosphere for worship”. It’s really important that we are sensitive to what is happening during our worship time in the service.

I believe that we all contributes to the atmosphere. Whether we are putting scriptures up, sound or singing etc. Everyone plays a great part.

During all of this it’s so easy to make that moment about us. When we make it about us, we miss the mark.

My constant prayer during worship is always…

God please help me to not make the worship about me…
Please help me to not be a distraction…
Help me to point people to You…
Help me to be sensitive to what You doing and what You want to do.

That’s really my hearts desire.

So my my encouragement today will be, everything that we doing on stage needs to be contributing to what’s happening in that moment on stage whether the worship leader is praying or Pastor is encouraging the congregation. What we doing on stage has to be contributing to it but it has to be in a way that’s not distracting but rather participating.

I hope that this was encouraging and it helps us all grow. Feel free to comment.

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